Meet the team

We are a female owned and operated company and we’re sisters! If you’re struggling with your weight or just want to find a healthier way to eat, we’ve been there and we want to support you.

Laura Lynch

Founder | recipe creator

Laura is an online entrepreneur and head of a female-owned and operated small business. She runs 8 websites, including Delightfully Low Carb. After losing over 50 pounds on the keto diet, after struggling for years with her weight, she started this site help others find a solution that works. She has a Bachelor’s degree in English/Communications and has spent her 20+ year career building websites and writing recipes.

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Angie Morris

executive director/social media maven

Angie is a mom or two and one of the hardest workers on the planet. She spends a lot of time creating recipes and testing everything we make, to ensure quality. Having struggled with her weight as well, Angie tried keto and settled into a low-carb lifestyle that suits her and her family. She also enjoys taking walks and volunteering in her community.

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