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We ensure that all of our recipes and information is thoroughly vetted and researched before it’s ever published.

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  • Ingredients that are wholesome, low in carbs, and not expensive.
  • Recipes that are easy to make without a long list of ingredients.
  • Seasonal, clean, whole foods that can be sourced locally.
  • A well-balanced diet that’s healthy and sustainable.

our story

We don’t claim to be dieticians or doctors. We are just normal people, like you, who struggle with weight and health issues.

We’ve found that food has a big impact not only on our weight, but also on how we feel. The bottom line is, if you can eat better, you will also feel better.

Not everyone has the time to strategize and develop recipes that will do that. We wanted to help others like ourselves, with busy lives and families to take care of, learn to eat better and through that feel better too.

Bottom line: we’ve done the homework and walked the mile in your shoes.

There are many sources for recipes and information out there and we recognize that you have limited time. We hope you’ll find value here.

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